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Zumba Fitness
Ditch the workout, join the party!!
Zumba Fitness - 1 hour in duration
Need we say more? The king of dance fitness programs is now in WLD!! Who's better to show you how to get the most of your Zumba session but 2 Latin American Dance teachers - principals of WLD - Alex and Elaine. This Latin American inspired dance fitness program has millions of participants every week worldwide!! Zumba Fitness is also a great promoter of charities, and budding artists. Come and find out what the fuss is about!! No talking just dancing. Let's ditch the workout and join the party! Classes in co. Wicklow (Rathnew only) Mon 7pm, Wed 815pm & Fri 10am
WLD Principals - Alex and Elaine with Naomi Di Fabio Mokoena