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Juvenile girl costumes for sale
Costumes for girls under 13 years od age (Juvenile) is readily available at a reasonable price from Wicklow Latin Dance. The costumes are professionally made using high quality lycra, lace and satin. We have them in stock for ages 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13. For sale price of a brand new juvenile girl costume is 100.
Photo coming soon.

Juvenile girl costumes for hire
We also operate a costume hiring scheme. Whereby parents can hire the costumes for their daughters either for the whole academic year or on a competition by competition basis.

How it works:
Prior to hiring a dress out, Wicklow Latin Dance will note down the condition of the dress. The condition of the dress in concerned will be compared with the notes upon return. We require an undated cheque of 100 as deposit. This cheque will not be banked unless the hire dress was damaged. The cheque will be returned to the parent when the hire dress is returned to Wicklow Latin Dance without damage. The cost of hiring a dress for the whole academic year is 100. The cost of hiring a dress per comp is 15 per competition / show.

If a dress is hired for the whole academic year, the parent is solely responsible for the dress for the whole year inc. cleaniness of the dress. If a dress is hired out on a per comp basis, the dress must be returned to Wicklow Latin Dance straight after the competition.

Costumes for Boys
Please get them from DSI www.dancesport-international.com

If you order costumes for boys with DSI London via Wicklow Latin Dance, you get 10% off the normal DSI London price.

NEW!!! Costumes for Adults
Click here for our selections of adult costumes for rental or purchasing.

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Juvenile girl costumes for sale
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