FIT4DRUMS for Kids (7 years +)
With sibling discount: 10% off the full price per sibling
Wicklow Latin Dance,, 086 326 2635
Classes on Wednesdays 445 -530pm for children from 7 years old.
FIT4DRUMS classes are fitness classes that utilities drumming to get you fit. At the same time, you will be learning the classic drumming rhythms. Drum like a rock star and get fit and happy at the same time. Drumming triggers the release of endorphin which makes you happy and you won't realise that you are working out!!
Drumming also improves coordination and rhythm which in turn plays a big part in improving general intelligence. Therefore we will be bringing out FIT4DRUMS for kids to stimulate young minds as well as keeping them fit.
WLD instructors are the first and only FIT4DRUMS instructors in Ireland having learnt from the creator of the program (professional drummer on the Lion King in Hamburg,  Germany). We will be using the specially designed award winning FIT4DRUMS drums in our FIT4DRUMS classes.
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