Competition Information
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In Wicklow Latin Dance, we believe that children should be taking part in competitions as soon as they have mastered the basic steps. Competitions promotes their confidence in themselve, their presentation of themselves, teach them sportmanship, push them out of their comfort zone and build their character. We make sure that our children is fully prepared mentally and physically before allowing them to compete. But once they are ready, they will be joining our ever expanding group of competitors.

Click here to see some of our competitors in action.
Competition - age and level
There are various competitions to suit the age and level. We have competitors from 3 years old onwards. Competitors will compete against other competitors in their age and level. They will always start off with competitions for beginners and as their dancing improve, they will move up in competitions for novices and eventually competitions for more advanced dancers.

The categories are as follows:
Under 8 solo competitions (partner not required)
Under 8 couple competitions
Juvenile solo competitions (for children age 8 to 11)
Juvenile couple competitions (for children age 8 to 11)
Junior solo competitions (for children age 12 to 15)
Junior couple competitions (for children age 12 to 15)
Adult competitions

Competition - frequency
There are typically a competition once a month and there will be 8 competitions in total in 2011 - 2012. Most of them are held in Dublin, some of the bigger competitions are held in Carlow.

Under 8 competitors are not required to attend all the competitions. We will select the ones that are suitable for our competitiors and invite our under 8 competitors as we see fit.

Juvenile (aged 8-11) and Junior (aged 12-15) competitors however would be required to participate in all competitions and we would require their committment and dedication. In return, we would give our students the best tuition and we will be their mentor in their dancing development.

What to wear in competitions?
We have competition costumes for hire and purchase at Wicklow Latin Dance. See our shoes and costumes page for details.

Any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on
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